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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by rezznor
I'm thinking they used a prosthetic breast.

The great thing about game of thrones are the characters. Everything is not black and white.characters you hate today will be shown their point of view and hou may change your opinion of them.

Yeah, it's that Morally Gray tone that we talked about before. It depends on there interactions. Even Ned seems irrational about the Slave Trader guy who's serving the Targaryans.

Seeing that softer side of Cersai last night was a nice touch, because she could have easily, and was on her way, to coming off as a cartoonish, almost Cruella Deville charicature.
I'm sure we all know a guy or two like Robert. Incredibly passionate and affectionate, but that passion can go both ways, where you can go from best friend for life, to mortal enemy over the course of night. It's hard to wrap your head around him because the things you love about him are the same things you hate. That's a genuine, full character.
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