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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I'm completely hooked to the point where I now feel obliged to read the books.

I felt like Lady Stark's taking of the Imp was completely warranted. I read the visual just as it was explained. She had to take him or when he got back to King's Landing there would be way to many questions about why she was away from home. And he had been told at Winterfell that she was there, but had fallen too ill to greet him.

I do find the narration of some of the character backgrounds during the tournament a little trite. That feels like one of those things that they're using as a mechanism to cheat to flesh out stories that are much much more elaborate in the books.

It seems to me that Lady Stark is already beginning to believe the Imp that he wasn't involved in the assassination attempt. His saving her for one. And she was giving him protective glances at the obvious insanity of her sister. (An aside, how do they film a scene like that. No way anyone is gonna allow a ten year old boy to breastfeed for the sake of a TV show, that's gotta be violating all sorts of child labor laws. I imagine he's not even allowed to see a naked breast. So how the hell do they shoot it?)

The dialogue between Cersai and Robert at the end was fascinating. It makes Cersai a far more likable character. She just seems worn out, and not necessarily just cold.

The Ned Jamie fight at the end was awesome. The show is excessively violent, which is a good thing. I've never seen a horse beheaded before, for example.

Littlefinger is an underhanded prick. I'm not totally clear on his motive. He cares enough to point Ned in the right direction, but he won't just come out and tell him that he knows the spider is plotting for the return of the targaryens.

thats EXACTLY what i was thinking watching that scene. i was like how the hell do you film that? kid definitelly has his mouth on her nipples, and he was old, like too old for that to be legal or right even for acting. she did have some nice boobs for a old hag tho.

i was also wondering what the gay scene used to make the slurping for the ******* since it sounded so real.

I disagree still on the Lady Stark taking the imp, more the way they portrayed it like she couldn't be seen. I don't really get that, like she isn't allowed to leave her keep? even with a made up excuse of maybe visiting friends where she grew up? It just seemed sort of odd to me how that all unfolded.

the only very minor criticism i had was the swordfight at the end, it just seemed so practiced of going thru the motions type of swordplay. they need someone from Braveheart to do the fighting choreography.

oh and Jaime Lannister always reminds me of Darcy's husband from Married with Children

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