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I'm a UCLA fan and Farmar was the key reason why the team went from a very average team to restoring the program back to respectability. I really think he and Afflalo needed another year, Afflalo pulled out of the draft, but Farmar will put the work in to make it. If he can work on his speed, this will turn out to be a fantastic pick for the Lakers.

I was hoping for Lowry, though. A good PG was what I felt the team needed. I love Smush but he disappeared towards the end of the season and there aren't a whole lot of options when it comes to 3-pt shooting. Farmar can be sortuv the BJ Armstrong, if you will. Technically a point, and will bring the ball up the court, but he isn't going to be the main ball handler in those half court situations. Make an open shot or use a little creativity and get someone else a shot. Play solid defense. If Farmar can do that, he'll help the Lakers out a bunch.
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