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Default Re: Do your NBA mock top 5 here.

Minny almost has to draft Biyombo or Kanter or one of the euro bigs with their pick, unless Rubio rejects them... (and we'll most likely know if Rubio signs before the draft)... If Utah thinks Derrick Williams can play SF he'll go 3rd, if not there's no way they add another PF... so IMO there's a chance Cleveland gets Irving and Derrick Williams :O

I think the top 5 will be:
1. Irving
2. Kanter
3. D. Williams (lol Utah with another DWill)... IMO very high chance that this pick is traded.. maybe Washington or Phoenix
4. Vessley or one of the other Europeans
5. Knight or Walker

and then Utah will take Jimmer with their later lotto pick
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