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Default Re: Dirk = Best Player in the NBA?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves on here!! lol Dirk is clearly in the top ten players in the L. Hell he has been for going on a decade now. But guys like Dirk, Melo, and Durant DON'T have the all around excellence of Bron, Wade, and Kobe. But thing is Bron, Wade, and Kobe are also number one alpha dog scoring guys like Dirk, Melo, and Durant. However, the size and scoring skillset of Dirk makes him truly one of the most difficult matchups in NBA history. And anybody who doesn't have Dirk knocking on the door of top 5 PF's of all time or even in the top 5 is hatin!! I think he's in the top six with Timmy, Barkley, Malone, KG,and Mchale.
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