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Default Re: David Kahn hints that lottery is rigged

So the lottery process is rigged because it doesnt play out how a fan wants it too?

I wanted Toronto to win the lottery. They ended up going back further then they were originally slotted to be. RIGGED!

Stop with the nonsense. And how is it rigged when Minnesota is drafting #2 overall anyway? What you wanted a shot at...Kyrie Irving? Oh wait, the #1 pick fetches so much more value than the #2 pick. Even tho its a weak draft and front office peeps have all but said this in the media this past season.

But yeah its rigged because for once a fan just wanted to scream for joy its team selected #1. In a weak draft at that, one of the weakest in a long time.

I wish Stern would take Cleveland pick from them and give it to Kahn. There you go Wolves fans. Now pick because we all want to laugh.
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