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Default Re: Does OKC have anyone that can guard Dirk?

Originally Posted by amfirst
How about double team, but his team mates are so good they will kill u for it. Dude has been playing iso all game long that's why he looks so good. No superstar has the luxary to play iso that much.

Thats been the dilemma for teams playing the Mavs. If you want to double Dirk, they'll put Kidd, Peja and Terry out there and murder you from 3 and Dirk will still get 20 ppg. If you want to let him play iso, he'll murder you himself.

I'm a Mavs fan, but if I was trying to stop us I would double Dirk and make Terry/Peja/Kidd hit 3s. Everyone is scared to do that after game 4 vs LA, but I will tell you that hasn't been there all season.
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