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Default Re: D12 from the Nets/Lakers perspective

I agree but is dwight on board with this? I hope he doesn't fall for fools gold and join a descending laker team just because it's LA. I think phil jackson not being there is definitely going to affect their success. he was a coach you listen and play hard for. If they played uninspired ball this past year, imagine how uninspired they would be with the likes of brian shaw or rick adelman coaching. Plus with rick adelman, they'll have to change their offense completely and learn it on the fly.

On a side note, dirk nowitzki played like a king today. He played like jordan, bird, you name it. The guy was on drugs i tell you, just unstoppable. I'm pulling for the mavs to win it all, bc i want to see kidd win a ring, he deserves it. And dirk and company deserve it too, they have def paid their dues over their careers. I love kevin durant and okc, but they have many more years of success ahead of them.
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