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Default Re: Somewhere Zach Randolph is watching this game saying WTF!!

Originally Posted by hitmanyr2k
The refs let Perkins, Ibaka, (and especially Collison) get physical and beat the dogshit out of Zach Randolph the entire series when he was on the block. Two hands in the back constantly pushing and shoving. Even when he made multiple moves and got hacked he still got no call. Tonight he's watching the refs pull a 180 and now OKC can barely lay a hand on Dirk without the whistle blowing

This This This and THIS!

Zbo is sitting at home PISSED OFF his god damn mind right now!
Probabbly looking like he seen a fucking ghost.

Dude was mauled by the entire thunder all series long and the refs said no blood no foul. They played him so physical it was unfreaking believeable.

both hands, body, pushing, holding, pulling... you name it

and now they turn around and give dirk 24 freethrows because a guy stood near him and blew smoke?

Unfucking believeable!
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