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Default Re: Here is a picture of God.

Originally Posted by ReturnofJPR
To not believe in God means that you have never been touched by God. And let's get one thing straight, God has nothing to do with religion. Every single religion on Earth comes from the same exact source. Religion is simply man's interpretation of God. If you want to experience what God is like, you can hang out with me for a day.

And I'm not talking about a Soulja Boy turn your swag on or Gudda Gudda rappin about bedrock. It has nothing to do with the material world. Anyone who knows God (or their interpretation of what God is) will tell you that he/she/it/whatever it is exists on the non-material plane. Picture the world as you know it and then realize that there is a gigantic spider web that it is interwoven through it that one can not see but it is ever present. You can tap into it, you can manipulate it but be cautioned that anything malignant that you do will come back to you 3 fold.
yes, I believe as you do...

the "physical world" it usually how it is reffered to as...

this 3-dimensional plane...
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