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Default Re: Greg Monroe representing Pistons at 2011 Draft Lottery

At this point Valanciunas and Biyombo look like huge gambles. Not to mention we aren't going to see a real Biyombo workout anytime soon. He had one great game against a team that was really undersized and people flipped out. I'm not sold on that. Sure there's potential but I think the guys that will end up being at least a solid contributor will all end up being picked before 8. If anybody slides the farthest it will be is 7 I think the needs the Kings have they will grab that player up. I just don't see any of the higher rated athletes falling beyond that spot since this draft is so weak. I don't see us drafting a big impact player that will change things around. Without a blockbuster trade it really seems like we could be in the lottery again next year. At least next year there's depth and we could end up with someone good. I think this rebuilding thing is going to take longer than I thought.
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