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Default Re: Greg Monroe representing Pistons at 2011 Draft Lottery

I think I want Markieff Morris if Biyombo is gone. I'd gamble on Biyombo at the 8th pick in a weak draft, oh well if it fails. Morris has perfect size, great motor,character and toughess and a more polished offensive game than the other PFs in this draft who defend on his level(like Biyombo,Faried etc). He's bigger and stronger than guys like Thompson and Faried as well. Valanciunas is probably too good of a talent to pass at 8 IF he is coming over thiis year. If we have to wait 2 years I'm not sure. It'd be sweet if we could draft a talented C like him and package him for M.Gasol, assuming Memphis couldn't pay him.

If Cleveland were to come calling wanting to clear the way for Kyrie Irving by dealing Baron Davis, would you take him for Ben Gordon and Will Bynum? Or something to that effect? Shorter contract by 1 year and we need a PG more than a SG. Davis can still play a little. It'd be an interesting backcourt with Stuckey,Rip and Davis.
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