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Default Re: Raptors should fold

Originally Posted by Doko
The correct way to rebuild is via free agency, via trades and of course by getting your young guys some playoff experience.

In the Raptors' position, that's a recipe for mediocrity at best. Their talent isn't good enough right now, and no matter how much playoff seasoning they (somehow) get, Davis, DeRozan, (Bargnani,) whoever are not going to be good enough to be central pieces in a competitive team- unless it's as third and fourth options where they are joined by players who are far better than they will ever be.

And where are the Raptors, who so far in their history have been very far from a draw to players, going to get the superstars they need to get anywhere beyond mediocre? Ask yourself- who are the best players the Raptors have ever brought in in a trade? Who are the best players they've ever signed as free agents?

The Raptors need superstars, and the only way they can possibly get them in the foreseeable future is in the draft. Therefore, maximising the draft position makes sense.

(Even though the existence of an incentive to do badly is a disgusting flaw in the North American sporting model.)

Originally Posted by DoubleTech
scary quote:

Looks like the 8th seed and 5 more years before we're back in the top 5 pick range. ****

I'm not worried about this because I don't see how the Raptors can possibly make the playoffs this year no matter how hard they try.
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