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Default Re: Should Cavs Pick Derrick Williams over Kyrie Irving?

Originally Posted by 8BeastlyXOIAD
:Picking up Kyrie Irivng wont solve their problems.

They got Daniel Gibson, Baron Davis, and Ramon Sessions @ the PG slot already, no need to pick up Kyrie when he wont be nothing more than a Mike Conley Jr.

And next year if they hit the lottery again, there is a bunch of good PG's out there.

Exactly. There aren't two players in this draft good enough to fix a lousy team without help. Start to build a franchise, a program, a culture. The failure to plan like that is a big part of why Cleveland is as bad as they are.

Take Irvine and Williams is long gone at the 4. So you settle for the next Euro-big or the big kid from Texas.

Take Willaims and you'll still have the chance to take a good guard prospect or pretty much whatever you want at the 4 spot.

Williams is the best player in this draft. He's shown steady progression throughout his two years in college, vs a guy who was annointed a star vs Cal-Poly (Pomona), St Augustines, Colgate, etc. He can play inside or outside (shot 60% from the floor and nearly that from 3), rebounds, runs, and is a legit 6'8", 240.

Irvine may be the real deal, but it's WAY too small a sample size, especially coming off the absolute worst injury a basketball player can have: a foot injury.
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