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Default Re: Greg Monroe representing Pistons at 2011 Draft Lottery

Originally Posted by dd24
No doubt if Williams fell to them they would take him in a hearbeat. With that said, Favors isn't a C. He's really more of a PF. Okur is constantly injured and that's why they've had issues at C. They had Jefferson playing there but he's really more of a PF too. Jefferson isn't a big enough defensive presence in the middle. He's a great scorer though. That's why I see them grabbing Kanter. It's also why I bring up the Fesenko thing that Detroit fans always want to fantasize about. If he couldn't play there he just plain can't play. They really need a C. If they take Knight they will need to trade Harris though. He certainly wouldn't be a happy camper and there are a lot of teams that could use a PG like him. He's really been a solid PG over the past few years.

Fesenko was actually very good when they used him, but with Jefferson and Sap needing minutes, AK playing some 4 and Favors being acquired, he was often out of the rotation. Plus he is terrible and unskilled offensively. IMO though he is a Kendrick Perkins level defender. THe team's plus minus soared whenever they put Fesenko on the floor and took Jefferson off of it.

I never said Jefferson was a C. We agree there.

Okur basically had one injury, but I wasn't suggesting counting on him anyways.

Favors is a pure C all around. He CAN play PF, but he will be a C in this league. He plays a lot more like Tyson Chandler,Marcus Camby or a poor man's Dwight than any PF in this league. He's the same size as Dwight coming out. He's not only tall,long and athletic enough to be a Center, but he also has a nice wide body to put more weight on to if he so desires. Nothing about his game or his size makes him a PF and with Jefferson and Sap at the 4, they need an athletic shot blocker type to play the C spot.

More so though, if Favors is not a C in your eyes, Kanter is certainly not. Kanter is actually kind of similar to Al Jefferson. He's not an elite shot blocker and he doesn't have elite shot blocking or athleticism
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