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i going to say that i love the bobcats but come on guys be real playoffs in the next two years?? i mean they have a starting PG no real 2 guard 2 SF 2 PF and a back up center right now in the UCLA guy. Sorry primo sucks and should get traded. The Cavs have one Great player in the James and an all right center but to me he is like a little better primo so i guess he sucks too and should be traded. Hughes is a good role player if he plays. They have no point Eric Snow is like BK they can bring the ball up and that is about it. (BK can give you ast. but can't shoot) Gooden some time like every 27 games have a good offense of game and that is like 14 points. All he can do is rebound. And Damon Jones just plain out sucks. Ya they beat the Wizards but they are like the cavs Only have really two players. I'm not going to take this away from them the did almost beat the cavs but yoiu could see it from game one of the playoffs the pistons where playing like crap. If the cavs didn't have James they would be nothing playoff would be a dream for them. But give the bobcats like 4 years to maybe make playoffs. they need a center and bench to make the playoffs.
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