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Default Re: Ultimate Mock Draft 2011 Edition

Not ready to make a mock draft yet but I'll give opinions on who can be studs in their rookie years.

Kyrie Irving will for sure do very well
Brandon Knight if given the opportunity to play can do some damage
Williams playing in Cleveland could really impress but in Minny it's a big mess and can't see him averaging over 15 ppg there
Kemba Walker just has a IT factor to him that can't go wrong
Jimmer won't be as bad as people think
Marcus Morris is strong and has offensive skills. Can't see how that won't do well in the pros.

Sleepers are ..
Selby might turn out like how Ellis did
Marshon Brooks reminds me of Jodie Meeks situation coming into the draft and Meeks is doing okay now in NBA

Busts are ..
Valanciunas because you just can't trust RAW athletic big man, it just seems to never end well (I.E. Favors, Thabeet, Oden, Sheldon Williams, and etc)
Leonard is going to be a role player for life which is a good thing still? Depends on how you look at it

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