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Default Re: Do not sleep on Enes Kanter

Originally Posted by Jasper
The vid shows he is a flat jumper . .. no lift , in the NBA he will be a spot up shooter and a dunker or weak side layup artist.

Because he has marginal lift on his jumper and needs momentum to jam he will have problems with quick players, and his defense will be susceptible to strong side offenses.

However he has muscle and bulk , and he doesn't appear to be a player that would squirm when the tough gets going.
I think he is a mid 1st rounder and I'd be surprised if he goes above the 5th pick.
Players like this in the right coaching staff circles can make this a concrete player for 12 years , because there is no flash , but could develop into a great fundamental type player.

You seem to be completely disregarding his very polished back to the basket game. And by above the 5th pick, do you mean in the top five or not top five? If you mean you''ll be surprised if he's a top five pick then go ahead and prepare yourself to be surprised, because almost everything I'm reading, every mock etc. has him as a top 5 pick.
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