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Default Re: Rubio has decided to make the leap to the nba


Ricky Rubio has decided to make the leap to the NBA next season. Only a matter slows the basis of Regal Barca to take the other final the Minnesota Timberwolves, who chose him in fifth place in the draft 2009: the lockout they will live the American League at the end of the current play-off for the title and especially its duration.

Ricky Rubio Lakovic listen to your partner at a recent party in Palau. CASALS FRANCESC Print Edition Version . PDF Information published on page 65 of Section of Sports in the print edition of the day May 18, 2011 SEE FILE (. PDF)
Ricky is concerned about the idea of ​​spending several months in white. He sees it as a major obstacle at the moment of his career. For that reason, the base of El Masnou want to ask those responsible for Barca remain at the meeting today to clarify his future, to wait to June to reply.

Ricky's parents, who are leading the negotiations directly, as his agent, Dan Fegan, is in the U.S., want to hurry up to have all possible information about the lock out before taking the plunge.

PRESSURE OF THE WOLVES / The base of the Regal Barça, 20, burning with desire to become a player in the best league in the world and try his fortune in the footsteps of Pau Gasol and his friend Rudy Fernandez. If he was and would have accepted the offer from the Timberwolves, with whom he has maintained regular contact since the draft .

The owner of the Wolves, David Khan, has moved to Barcelona several times to emphasize his interest in joining. The latter, without going any further, during the last final four of the Palau Sant Jordi, when it held a dinner with family and Ricky started the word leap and if the lockout is not extended.

Ricky has also received a couple of occasions the visit of Wolves coach, Kurt Rambis, to convince the suitability of the proposed U.S. franchise, with very young players, but whose sport is discreet, as evidenced by their condition of bottom club this year in the Western Conference with 17 victories.

The pressure of the Wolves Ricky parallels that keeps Barca. Since December, those responsible for the Catalan club urged him to take a decision.

There is no requirement for the player who has signed four more years with all Barcelona, ​​but has an escape clause in the NBA, nearly a million dollars, which may be exercised 10 days after the last game of ACB. If not exercised, the contract remains in force. But it is a matter of deference to the club, who made a significant investment to get out of the Joventut.

Barca want to know what to expect for next year. It is not easy to find a replacement guarantee and therefore, in recent weeks, has re-emphasized.

May 31 is the deadline to have the clubs to sign the rookies, as the current agreement in the NBA. Due to its condition number 5 draft , Ricky would be guaranteed a salary of $ 2.9 million (1.9 million euros) in the first year and 3.1 (2.1) in the second. But legally can not commit because his contract with the club continues and there could be no such duplicity. The only solution is a moratorium. That is what prompted the club today.
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