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Default Re: Dallas/OKC-who wins game 2, and why?

Originally Posted by ErhnamDjinn

OKC 43 foul shots
Dallas 34 Foul shots

And? OKC earned more. Penetrated far more. And should have had many more FT's. The issue is that stretch in the second where Westbrook got killed with no call. The mavs went down the court and threw it out of bounds, yet the refs gave it back to the mavs, then Chandler goes over the back on Collison and yet Chandler goes to the line. There were about 2 or 3 no calls that went the mavs way on either side, and it was during that stretch that the Mavs went from trailing to getting a lead they wouldn't give up.

Just because you can copy/paste numbers from a box score doesn't mean you have a good point. Your emoticons backing them up doesn't really help either. Nice try though.
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