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Default Re: Rubio has decided to make the leap to the nba

Originally Posted by bagelred
My understanding is that if Rubio waits one more year, he'll be off his rookie scale contract. Meaning Wolves will be forced to give him market value, whatever that is. If you don't play in the NBA for three years straight, rookie scale doesn't apply anymore.

If he starts on Wolves this year, he has to start on his rookie scale.
Which brings the question how long does Minny have the rights to him ??
Just that rook contract period , or indefinitely ??

If he is as pure a PG as everyone has stated over the last couple years, he would be worth his weight in gold.
It means he would open the floor with his passes , while these current high breed PG's like Rose dimes out 6 per game , and is 1st option on offense.

Last time I saw a pic of the guy , he looked like a noodle , worse than Durant .
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