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Default Re: Russell Westbrook benched during Game 2 of Thunder-Mavs WCF!

this helped them win, but i won't say it was the deciding factor. brooks stuck with maynor because he was having a good game. westbrook could have gone in the last minute or so but i don't see the point. the bench had it going. westbrook has proven that he either forces shots or passes down the stretch in these playoffs. he's just too inconsistent. when he's good, he's really good. when he's bad, he's just really bad. he needs to gain patience and let plays develop.

looking at the other side, durant almost goes out of his way to defend westbrook. i thought his post-game presser was well said. he's a good teammate.

at the end of the day, this was a coaching decision and i think it was the right one for the most part. westbrook needs to take this in stride. i'm actually sort of surprised/satisfied that brooks made that decision. it had to be made because westbrook has to be reeled in at times. as a fan of the game, i hope he grows from this.
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