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Default Re: 2011 Draft class predictions..


Valanciunas - He's just not ready, and I really don't see how he's that special. He'll be a solid rebounder at best in the NBA.

Thompson - He'll just be another NBA PF with potential who has never reached it.


Walker - The guy is going to be a top 3 talent in this draft.

Leonard - He has a great game and really reminds me of Gerald Wallace, he'll have a long career.

Motiejunas - He won't be a defensive stalwart but he will be a good scorer in the league, think of a less rebounding a little bit more defensive Troy Murphy.

Honeycutt - He's going to make a living in the NBA by just being that hustle guy off the bench with intangibles.

Marshon Brooks - Will be a top 5 talent in this draft, he can be really good in the NBA.

Kenneth Faried - Think of a more athletic, less body fat, and defensive minded Dejuan Blair. Or maybe even an athletic and more willing to score Reggie Evans.
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