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Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
Depends. Do they have any trade exceptions? Unloading bad contracts for picks, prospects and better contracts isn't a bad idea.
They have a 2.75M trade exception, so not really enough to make a deal. Charlotte really don't have any enticing contracts or players. Guys like Jackson still have 2 years left, as do Matt Carroll and Diop. Tyrus Thomas has 4. So you're looking at a deal that's basically

Al Jefferson


Boris Diaw
Matt Carroll (Owed about $8 million over the next two years)
Portlands 2013 1st round pick

Carroll is useless, Diaw is inconsistent and the Portland pick will probably be in the 15-20 range, so I don't see that as an enticing deal at all. I think you'd be able to get more for Jefferson then that. I'm not as focused on receiving draft picks in return since they are getting Golden States 1st rounder next year, which may very well be a lottery pick again.
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