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Default Re: A Cavs fan looks back at the Cavs draft decisions

Originally Posted by Dasher
I Eyenga pick is starting to look better and better. The Luke Jackson pick was the only pick that was had me go WTF during The LeBron Era. Poor cap management was what did The Cavs in, not the draft.
The Eyenga pick was a good one and I never thought that I would see myself typing that. I honestly thought that they took Eyenga because they couldn't afford to have a first-rounder on their salary after just signing Shaq and they knew that he was going to spend at least a year overseas.

I thought it was a completely fiscal move and I wasn't sure that we would ever even see him in the NBA. Turns out, someone knows how to scout over there. He has serious talent and upside.

You look through these picks in the last eight years and there really aren't many bad ones. In fact, it is arguable that Eyenga (2009), Hickson (2008) and Shannon Brown/Daniel Gibson (2006) all turned out to be the best players on the board when the Cavaliers selected them.

The only real mistakes were Luke Jackson (2004) and DaJuan Wagner... But, the Wagner pick was made up for by taking Boozer in the second round... One of the biggest draft-day steals of the last decade.

So, the only really bad draft that the Cavs have had in the last nine years was 2004... And, you could go through every team in the league and find a recent draft that they botched. It happens.

The myth that the Cavs have drafted poorly in the last seven years seems to be just that... You are right in that, the thing that hurt us were the FA signings and trade deadline moves that added huge salaries. We also traded away a lot of draft picks in an attempt to 'get good right away.'

However, we probably have different views as to why the Cavs were in the position where they literally had to 'win now' instead of being able to build traditionally, through the draft. They were not in the easiest of positions.

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