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Default Re: Colangelo drafting European?

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Yeah, Kanter falls to 3, maybe 4 but no lower than that. It's looking more and more likely with each passing day that we will get stuck with Knight. I don't really like him to be honest. He's like Jerryd Bayless 2.0. Combo guard, can't really run an offense, a little turnover prone, but a solid scorer. However, if we were to get a pg, Irving would've been the guy. An idea I had would be to trade our 5th down and grab Valanciunas and another player (from whichever team is planning to draft him).

Honestly, yeah there's no one that I'm excited to grab at 5. I'd totally be down with a trade down. I really wanted to at least be at 3 to grab Kanter, but now I just don't care. The only reason I see for picking knight or walker is if you plan to ship Jose out and then can use next year as a time to decide which if he or Bayless is the better combo guard, then trade the worse of the two and hope to draft a great guard in next year's deeper draft who can actually be a good offense-running starter.
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