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Default Re: May 19 Playoffs: WCF Thunder at Mavericks Game 2 9 ET

Originally Posted by Wordup
It was a bad pass by dirk. Get over it.
Yup that was a bad pass.

What did Dirk want marion to do? It was getting late in the shot clock and dirk started going hard to the basket, so marion started to run down into the paint to potentially get the rebound or get hit for the pass.

If he were to have stayed in that spot, he would have had to taken a forced three, a shot that he is not used to taking. Either way you get a bad offensive possession if marion stays put.

Dirk made the typical basketball mistake of passing before looking. It happens. You'll see a guy standing in a spot, make your move, and when the help comes, you'll try to immediatly revert back to that man, but you really have to look first.

That was 100% Dirk's fault on that play.
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