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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Originally Posted by 8BeastlyXOIAD
My God

And you think Derrick Williams and Kevin Love would be better?

Real Talks Bro Derrick William isn't a legit SF. He is a true definition of a tweener or he is just a undersized PF. He doesn't have the quickness and speed to guard the 3 and doesn't posse the offensive skill of a SF like Michael Beasley got

You think Beasley can't be a good 1st option, but you think Derrick Williams can?

Honestly, they cant get any worse. Those 2 led the Wolves to the worst record in the league. lol, you act like those 2 actually accomplished something together

What I do know is that the Wolves are going no where with Beasley as a 1st option.

I never said Williams is a #1 option. But you dont know what he will become because he hasnt played a game. What I do know from Beasley is you are headed to the lottery if you expect him to be your leader. I would rather roll the dice on Williams becoming something special over hoping Beasley gets better.
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