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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Originally Posted by 8BeastlyXOIAD
I heard how the Suns wanted the number 2 pick the Wolves got.

Robin Lopez or The Polish Hammer, Jared Dudley and their pick this season (I think the Suns got the 13th pick) can be dealt for Flynn and #2Pick (Suns draft Derrick Williams)

Javalee McGee, Evans and the 6th pick of this year draft for the Flynn and 2nd pick of this year draft (Wizards pick Derrick Williams)

Alot of deals can go down. I won't even be surprised if the Wolves keep their pick and draft Jonas (Dude looks legit)

Lopez + Dudly and 13 pick for Flynn and the #2?

Man you would destroy the Wolves if you were GM.
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