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Default Re: May 22, ECF Game 3 Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

Originally Posted by vinsane01
Damn am i only one of the few here that thinks the bulls can pull it off? Im not a fan of rose or the bulls but i really think they have the right arsenal of players to beat miami. More specifically they have a better starting big men and and better backup bigs than the heat. I think the difference is how they utilize their big men to their optimum capacity. And that means rose should take less shots and try being a real point guard for a change and set up his teammates. Korver and the other perimeter scorers should step it up and then who knows. I think they can and will win the series.

Miami's power forwards are much better.. and that's half of the big men right there.

Bosh >>>> Boozer

Haslem >>>> Gibson

LeBron started playing more by the basket in game 2, collecting 10 rebounds.. and Wade is an exceptional rebounder for a SG. had 9 boards the other night - many of them in the paint beating bigger men in traffic (as Wade has done throughout his whole career)..

Haslem = Top 6 for all power forwards in rebounding rate. and Mike Miller will be seeing more playing time and his rebounding rate is exceptional and he's a terrific rebounder in the paint.. Miller will be in more because James Jones is a horrific rebounder... you will not see Jones much in this series... he was okay for Boston, but not for Chicago.

The Heat have rebounders at positions that are some of the best rebounders for their positions in the league. With Haslem and Miller seeing more playing time, and being the great rebounders they are, this will curb the rebounding advantage of the Bulls. And Bosh is always good for 10 rebounds on his own.

And it's been proven all year that if you can stay close to the Bulls in the rebounding department, you'll win. The Bulls are under .500 this year when teams are slightly below them in rebounding, or when the rebounding is about even (and this has been proven in the playoffs too, not just the regular season).

Chicago is crap unless they can get a lot of 2nd chance pts and they can limit other teams from 2nd chance points via their rebounding. Miami has the people who can rebound as Miami was 3rd in the NBA for rebounding rate this year.

The fact of the matter is, if the Bulls were an average rebounding team, they would be a very mediocre team overall. And Miami has the guys to make them look average as a team.

It's no secret that Miami made adjustments in the rebounding department for game 2, inserting Haslem and Miller in there for good minutes. Miami won the rebounding 45-41 and of course won the game. Miami will curb the rebounding and when that happens the Bulls have absolutely no chance as they are not nearly as talented as Miami in other areas.. the Bulls just rely too heavily on their rebounding to overcome their talent deficiencies.

And Miami's shooters >> Bulls shooters.. as proven by FG% throughout the year.

Miami will be at home and will play a lot better than they did the 2 games in Chicago... as Miami has played a lot better at home over the course of the playoffs (IE- looked much better at home against Boston in the 3 games than they did in the 2 on the road Boston, same for Philly).
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