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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
Honestly, they cant get any worse. Those 2 led the Wolves to the worst record in the league. lol, you act like those 2 actually accomplished something together

What I do know is that the Wolves are going no where with Beasley as a 1st option.

I never said Williams is a #1 option. But you dont know what he will become because he hasnt played a game. What I do know from Beasley is you are headed to the lottery if you expect him to be your leader. I would rather roll the dice on Williams becoming something special over hoping Beasley gets better.
You don't if Beasley can be 1st option give it a few years this is only his first year where he really got to play with freedom. It takes a few years to learn how to win and really make an impact look at Kevin Durant 20 win seasons his first two years. Beasley was injured playing a new position on a new team and still did pretty decent. I would like too see him lose weight he's probably around 250 now he was at 240 in his rookie year and improve his handle this would allow him to attack the basket more.
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