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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
How many of you guys have watched the Wolves play at least 10 games this season? Yet you are all talking about what the franchise should do and how good and bad certain players are.

I would much rather see Love traded than Beasley. From all accounts of the Wolves organisation I have heard that Beasley is one of the hardest working guys on the team and he was one of a few vocal leaders on the team last season. We could get some real value for Love and Randolph showed how good he can be when he started so I say trade Love and draft Williams and play a Beasley/Williams/Randolph forward combination.

Love really doesn't bring that much aside from rebounding, he maybe the worst defender in the league and he can't create his own shot for shit. Beasley on the other hand constantly saw double teams and was the only player that could actually create for himself so I would much rather keep him.

Love and #20 for Gortat and Dudley?
Beasly and Williams are basically the same palyer
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