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Default Re: May 22, ECF Game 3 Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
How can the best player in the league be a sidekick.. I think the two are close on and off the court but The person making the big shots in the clutch has been Lebron thus really squashing and real debate who is the LEAD DOG.. At best it is a 1A and 1B with Lebron being 1A..

In Miami's last 3 wins he has been. But have you been following the playoffs at all?

Wade was the closer through the entire time before that.

And Wade is the one opposing teams have been doubling more in every series-

In fact, up until the last 3 wins, Wade has been the primary ball handler late in games and the teams closer since the last Lakers win. There's plenty of stories about it. And during that stretch the Heat were 24-5

The bottom line is they will both be closers at different times. We are talking about the 2 best players in the world here. They will each have stretches. Or go one off game to game.
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