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Default Re: May 21 - 9EST - WCF - Game 3 - Dallas @ OKC GAME THREAD

I sold my ticket and was hoping to pick up a cheapy and still go and pocket the difference, would have even taken a Loud City seat, but this series is going for straight rape prices, I'm taling 100$+ just to get into the top of the arena nosebleeds. **** that, I'll catch it on tv for that price.

Obviously the thing everyone is going to be watching is Westbrook. Every turnover, missed shot, hell even made shot is going to be scrutinized to high hell. I saw some of the post practice interviews last night, the media are trying their damnedest to create something that isn't really there and drive a wedge in between him and his teammates.

I'd love to take both of these, though it seems unlikely you beat Dallas 3x straight, but if we can split AND get game 5, I like our chances. Without HCA, at some point you have to win at least 2x straight
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