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Default Re: Kanter refuses to interview with Raps...

No need to panic, this means nothing. It's obvious his agent doesn't want Kanter to go to teams that already have players at C and PF that are going to get minutes ahead of him. It makes sense for a young player to not want to go to a team where he likely is just going to sit on the bench.

- Utah has Jefferson at C and also Millsap and Favors at PF.

- The Raptors are still run by Colangelo and still have Bargnani on the roster and everyone knows how inseparable they are. Bargnani is going to get a guaranteed 32-35 mpg regardless of his quality of play.

- Milwaukee has Bogut and Kanter will likely get picked long before they come up to pick.

If he's still around at #5 and the Raptors feel he is the best pick there, they should absolutely take him. He will come and he will play.
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