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Default Re: May 22, ECF Game 3 Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

Originally Posted by 2swift4u
I really don't see how the refs decided game 3.. maybe there were some missed calls.. I'm not sure.. but Miami was in control most of the time anyway and they simply played better at the end. And honestly as a Bulls fan you can't complain about the refs either, since there were a lot of games this season when D.Rose got a call each and every time he went to the basket and nobody was allowed to get even close to him.

Shit dont matter in the reg season, its the playoffs where agendas and money make things happen. I was of the belief that there would be no outside influence on this series, but the more i think about it, it makes sense that Stern and the NBA will ride this new money vehicle like it did with jordan and bryant, and now lebron has the keys, there is no way the refs will be giving bulls any favours..I mean, it makes no sense money wise for Heat to fail miserably.

Difference is the heat are the new glamour team in which stern and his cronies can now ride lebrons you know what...

Ok. I need to make examples in game 3.

I dont have the benifit of replay, but some of you might able to remember this.

example 1. the refs calling the play back, after a turnover/steal at the start of the game? what happened there

example 2. Bibby going up for a running jumper, minimal to no contact, ref almost blows the whistle before bibby was near the player

example 3. Bosh fouls Noah going up for a dunk/layup, shows clear contact of the two bodies bumping together in the air..

And there were alot of 50/50 calls that I saw that I was yelling out; That was a ****ing foul! or wtf why was that a foul?

as for the TRUE heat fans, I congradulate your team on the win, and future success, for the bandwagon fans, go jump off a bridge!

Bulls need to make adjustments, ie rose focusing on ball movement and more of a distributor, I think if they move the ball around, and rose drives or shoots from an immediate pass, that will be far more effective than Rose dribbling around aimlessly. If he drives off a series of passes in and around the perimeter, he will find more holes to drive into, and when they collapse on him, he will find noah or boozer down low for the easy 2. Second thing is Noah and Boozer need to nail more of those offensive tip ins, they kept bloody missing them! They have 1 more shot to win this series, game 4 is the last chance, I think they will throw everything at it.

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