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Default Re: May 22, ECF Game 3 Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

Originally Posted by 2swift4u
honestly, I don't see any real arguments in your post. If you believe in that "Stern wants Lebron to win-and tells the refs to manipulate the games-story" then I wonder why you even bother watching NBA Basketball??

there will always be calls that could have gone the other way. it's part of basketball since the rules are very complex and human beings need to decide in a split of a second. And to refer to your "Stern-argument": Rose is the MVP of the season and has been hyped all season long, so I can't imagine Stern would mind seeing him and his team win it all! makes no sense to me... since the younges mvp bringing back Chicago to the top would be just as great propaganda for the NBA as the Miami Big3 winning the championship.

Maybe Im a bit of a conspiracy theorist, remembering back to the 2002 tragedy with the sac kings vs lakers debacle, but it may not be Roses time yet, and Lebron and wade are in their primes and it has to happen now for them.

Im a staunch Bulls fan, I hate seeing this superteam crap. dynasties of the past are different to this, anyone who isnt a heat fan can see that. Lebron pisses me off the most, closely followed by Bosh.
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