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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by Draz
COD points was the worst shit installed. What was the point of unlocking a weapon AND then buying it? Might as well left the unlock system.

The point of COD points is to make you work even more for it. Once you finally level up and unlock the weapon? You have to buy it. Once you buy it and want attatchments? You not only have to complete the challenges (I think cant remember) but use COD points to get those attatchments. A system to make you work even more than the current setup we're all used too. Also people who prestige to high levels for golden guns need COD points to buy golden guns. Again, making people work for them.

I see the point of them....but I dont prestige and I only use a select few guns, attatchments. So it was pointless to me. I have about 1.4 COD points. Normally will sit in a high rollers/double down match and let people hungry for COD points take them. I'll play but I goof around and if I am in the money will die so I dont win.
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