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Hardly mad because I like the Carney pick. And would Marcus Williams/AI backcourt have worked? Not so certain it would have. Carney/Iggy gonna be lockin down the wings ala Rjeff/Vince. They both have that kind of upside.

The **** Gobb... You aint that stupid. Iggy in college wasnt as good as Carter was as a rookie. Barely as good as Jefferson as a rookie. This is in college, as the star. Think about it. Iggy is a good defensive player, solid as in he wont do stupid ****, on offense. Carney isnt even that good.

Good deal for NJ. Jefferson and Carter are athletic enough to play against most 4's(Duncan and Brand are basically the only guys left that will towel them up in the post) and as a result they can run Marcus a good 25 a night with Kidd playing SG, hell even Marcus could play there for the most part. I like the pick.
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