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Default Re: I should post here more.

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
Since I am a mod on here still and most of the people on the main forum act like d*cks.

The internet wasn't nearly as popular when Jordan was leading the Bulls so I didn't realize that having a real superstar on your team make other people act like asses. Now I almost feel sorry for the Laker/Kobe fans.

Yeah you should mate. Infact I think we need to expand the discussions in here. Not just Bulls related but NBA and OTC stuff as well.

The NBA forum is a complete joke right now! All day it's just been "U Mad" pics. There is the rare thread which has some quality posting. This for example has been a great read and discussion.

Head to the last few pages. RBA and the glove as well as a few other posters have had some really insightful posts.

I'm going to stick around here until the season is over, but unless the quality of posting picks up or we get a few more threads going in here i'm going to call it a day with this place.
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