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Default Re: May 25, OKC Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks GAME THREAD

first off, cheers to dallas. i'll be rooting for ya'll in the playoffs.

second, don't know why everybody is all over OKC. most all these guys are younger than 23 and haven't even entered their prime. these guys could almost all be in college right now. they're just pups. they're one of the brightest teams in the NBA. they have issues like westbrook setting up the offense better and quicker, durant working on his handles and post-game but they are already great players. westbrook might be more of a SG but let's see how he develops over the next season. harden should be a starter, i'd reckon. i'm not sold on brooks because the offense seems confused too often and i can't place all that blame on westbrook. OKC fans should be excited about the future. as should memphis fans...i expect both those teams to make the playoffs for years to come (factoring that gasol stays).

anyway, this is the sort of thing that should make OKC stronger, just like it did for LA and dallas.
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