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Default Re: Cleveland - OKC -----trade idea

Originally Posted by Hondo
I can't believe some people don't like this for OKC. It's debatable for Cleveland, but not for Oklahoma.
Yes it is. I'm not sold on Irving, and he certainly won't come right in and do 22/8 with all NBA level defense right away so it'd be a downgrade there. Unless he has to be involved in something to facilitate like DH12 (and he'd have to sign the extension first), I am just not behind trading Westbrook for anyone other than CP3, Rose, or DWill, all of which are pipe dreams.

You have a 22 y/o old all star still in his rookie contract, no way you get fair value back.

If we like someone in the draft lottery, Minnesota is also a good look to trade their pick so we could talk to them
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