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Default Re: Things that were fishy about the 2006 NBA finals?

Originally Posted by DRose.IS.da.MAN
That was just Stern and the NBA trying to crown Wade as the next Jordan, but injuries messed up his career. Then they moved over to LeBron, and who knows who's next

You know full well who's next

Wasn't there a clear backcourt violation by Wade in the waning moments of a close game that was never called?

Here's game 5 recap, at the 3:53 mark of the video you can see where Wade's body was blatantly behind the imaginary plane of the front court when he court the ball in the air. I'd call that backcourt 10/10 just like I'd call that a touchdown in football.

I do remember in game 3 when Dirk got fouled with Dallas down 2 in the closing minutes of regulation. The refs handed him a magnetic ball that would only go in one out of every two times it was shot. So Dirk unexplicably missed the second FT (this guy shoots 96.8% from the FT line so it's the only explaination). Check it out for yourself below. y_mode=1
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