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Default Re: Things that were fishy about the 2006 NBA finals?

Originally Posted by donald_trump
actually, that over and back wasnt an over and back. the same thing happened just last game in miami-chicago. miller passed the ball to lebron in the back court from the front court out of bounds. check the rule book and you'll see that it is allowed.
A player IS ALLOWED to catch the ball in the backcourt, if they have established themselves there, no problem. But Wade either cought the ball with one foot touching the frontcourt, or coaught it in the air, after jumping from the frontcourt, which in any circumstance, is a backcourt violation. Same as if a layer leaps from out of bounds to catch the ball in the air....even if that player lands with both feet inbounds, it's where the feet were prior to leaping that is the point of contention. Not tom netion that even if you want to falsely believe that a player can leap from out of bounds or the frontcourt and catch the ball in the air, it was a clear SKIPPING 3-step travelling violation as well. And then a horrendous full-arm-extension-push-off on Jason Terry after Wade crossed back into the frontcourt..... Take the turnover any number of ways.

Originally Posted by donald_trump
foul at the end of that game? i think you need to go rewatch that last play in that case.
They called that foul on Josh Howard....I rewatched multiple angles in 2006, and neither Dirk nor Howard made contact, Wade simply lost his footing. And that is after he blatantly pushed off HARD on Terry, and got away with a clear travelling violation after a backcourt violation, all on the same play. I rest my case.
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