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Default Re: Best chance LeBron has had at winning it all?

Originally Posted by lilgodfather1
You're an idiot.

Ok now that is out of the way the Cavs didn't just lose LeBron. We lost Mo for significant games, we lost Andy for almost 60 games, we lost Jamsion for significant games, and we lost Delonte, Shaq and Z. Needless to say that LeBron wasn't the only reason we went so far down hill.
And this is his best chance.

So you will ignore the addition of Ramon Sessions as an actual backup PG? You will ignore the emergence of JJ Hickson into a starting quality PF?

Those were 2 additions made to that Cavs team.

Andy Varajeo mising 60 games is not the reason why Cleveland played so poorly and neither is the loss of role players like Delonte, Shaq, & Z. Jamison was healthy throughout the entire stretch of their record setting losing streak. So was Mo Williams.

You're right LeBron wasn't the only reason, but he was the biggest reason and was the biggest reason for it by a large margin compared to anything else.

Dont underrate your former Franchise player and his ability to elevate the play of everyone around him. He is the best player in this league, and his loss can not be understimated.
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