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Default Re: Best chance LeBron has had at winning it all?

Originally Posted by Rowe
He definetly gave up after the first 3 games where they led 2-1 and he dropped 35 and 38. So he just decided to "quit" on his team as soon the elbow injury occured and his play slipped? I didnt know quitting on a team required a career high of 19 boards.

Im guessing that elbow surgery he later had was just a "cover up".

Lets just forget Boston had the advantage in every single fascet of the game outside of LeBron vs Pierce.

Originally Posted by Rowe
So what are we saying here?

The difference between Big Z being there cost them multiple games. His impact was that much, the Cavs lost 10 games due to him not giving them 7 Points and 4 Boards?

Delonte West couldnt even make a basket. Shaq barely played.

So the loss of LeBron's impact alone was just a difference in 35 wins, and not 40 as I previously posted? OK. I can live with that.

and the injuries and more.... the Cavs were playing lineups consisting of Dleaguers at certain points in the season.

Lets not act like this year Cavs were exactly the same as last year minus Lebron.
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