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Default Re: Best chance LeBron has had at winning it all?

Originally Posted by Dave3
Except the Spurs over Memphis was the right prediction. 20/6/6 is borderline insane for a prediction. The problem is he's better than both Bosh and Wade, and when players join up, their stats don't go down by that much. Did Kobe's scoring average go to 20 ppg when he played with Shaq? Did Jordan's scoring average plummet when Pippen came to town? A player simply doesn't go from 30 ppg to 20 ppg in one season because of a change in teammates. Again, you'd understand that if you watched him enough or knew how he played the game. He takes opportunistic shots, and there will always be enough of them within a 48 minute game. As for the assists, you were again one of these people that thought LeBron got assists from dominating the ball as opposed to just being a great passer. And again for rebounds, you thought he wasn't as good of a rebounder. All of those predictions show how obviously you underrate LeBron's game, and why you think he "quit." 20/6/6 was a terrible prediction, not only because it didn't come close to happening, but because no one else predicted close to that bad. Not just because it didn't happen.

20/6/6 vs 27/8/7. That's how off you were. It's not close, that's the problem. It shows the bias against him from your side.

Except Shaq and Kobe don't play similar styles, Kobe is a SG - Wing player, Shaq is an inside force. they complement each other. And yes Jordan PPG didn't drop, but because it was pippen the one that sacrificed numbers.

Lebron and Wade play exactly the same style of basketball and they were talking about sacrificing numbers and etc.

Again 20/6/6 are great numbers, youre making sound like i said 10/2/2... Except for the PPG it wasn't really that off and i expected a huge drop in PPG because he was going to share shots with two superstar.

and please MR. oracle of basketball define "opportunistic shots" for this simple mortal.... is an opportunistic shot a 28 footer with a defender over him?

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