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Default Re: Best chance LeBron has had at winning it all?

Originally Posted by RaceBannana
how was spurs over memphis the right prediction??? wasn't the Spurs the first seed, considered one of the best teams(best by some people) in the league? so Memphis going over the spurs wasn't a surprise???

Except Shaq and Kobe don't play similar styles, Kobe is a SG - Wing player, Shaq is an inside force. they complement each other. And yes Jordan PPG didn't drop, but because it was pippen the one that sacrificed numbers.

Lebron and Wade play exactly the same style of basketball and they were talking about sacrificing numbers and etc.

Again 20/6/6 are great numbers, youre making sound like i said 10/2/2... Except for the PPG it wasn't really that off and i expected a huge drop in PPG because he was going to share shots with two superstar.

and please MR. oracle of basketball define "opportunistic shots" for this simple mortal.... is an opportunistic shot a 28 footer with a defender over him?
Um, I'm saying it WAS a surprise, and that's why predicting the Spurs to win was the right prediction. It was the right prediction because it was supported though, because the Spurs were the better seed, and the more experienced team that has won before.

Similar playing styles doesn't all of a sudden mean a player is going to get 6 or 7 less shots a game. An average NBA game still has like 80ish FGA to go around. You're telling me because LeBron and Wade have similar styles, combined they wouldn't get even 36 of those combined? LeBron the previous year scored 30 ppg on 20 FGA. With a better team to let him pick his spots better and not force up anything (therefore increasing in FG%) you thought he was going to plummet 10 ppg? How many shots did you expect him to take? 13?

20/6/6 are great numbers yes, but not even close for the caliber of player LeBron is. The fact that you thought those would be great numbers for him shows how little you think of him overall as a player. You clearly underrated his abilities, and continue to do so in your evaluations.

I never said he only takes opportunistic shots, but definitely more so than other volume scorers. He will occasionally take bad shots, but he picks and chooses when to shoot so that he's able to put up 20 FGA without shutting out his teammates.
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