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Default Re: It feels like I'm at "home" watching a TNT game.

TNT >>>>>>> ESPN/ABC, the only bright spot with the latter is the trio of Breen/Jackson/Van Gundy, they have great chemistry and you can tell they enjoy working with one another. However the rest of ESPN/ABC's presentation is utter sh!t, as well as their other commentators. Hubie Brown tries to explain stuff way too much, Tirico is nothing to speak of, and the studio analysts aren't entertaining at all; they just say stuff like "Star X has to step up in the 2nd half" or "Team Y has to make some stops to get back in this game", stupid cliche statements like that.

Also I'm getting a little tired of everyone saying "omg back when the NBA was on NBC it was G.O.A.T. coverage", yes I understand and having watched a lot of NBA on NBC towards the latter half of the 90s I would agree but sometimes you guys dwell in the past too much. It's annoying.
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