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Default Re: Best chance LeBron has had at winning it all?

Originally Posted by RaceBannana

and the injuries and more.... the Cavs were playing lineups consisting of Dleaguers at certain points in the season.

Lets not act like this year Cavs were exactly the same as last year minus Lebron.

With Mo and Varejao and Gibson healthy, they were still trash.

Why do people choose to ignore just how HORRIBLE this team has done when Lebron was injured the past few seasons. They were 1-12 without him.

Remember what happened when Mo went down? They lost what, 1 game (if that?) and beat the Lakers during that stretch? Delonte was also out during a huge portion of that very same time that Mo was difference. Same with Shaq and Z who combined, missed a serious amount of games...same result, WINNING, when the only person on that team that mattered, played.
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